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How many children using food banks in Canada is okay with you?

35.2% of those relying on food banks nationally are children, when they only represent 20.0%* of the population.

Still such a long way to go toward our vision of a Canada where no one goes hungry.

*Source: Statistics Canada Census Profile 2016

Overall Findings

  • Canadians visited food banks 1.1 million times in March 2018. What number of visits will make us finally take action?

    The Data
  • 35.2% of people using food banks are children under 18. How many children using food banks in Canada is ok with you?

  • 45.1% of those using food banks are from single-person households. Single adults are being left behind. Don't they deserve our attention, too?

  • 46.8% of households in Nunavut were food insecure in 2014*
    *Data Source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Community Health Survey, 2014

    Northern Food Insecurity
    1. Federal leadership towards a basic income for all Canadians
    2. Support the creation of standardized, affordable early learning and childcare across the country
    3. Increased supports for single adults living with low incomes
    4. Reduce Northern food insecurity
    Policy Recommendations

Our vision is a Canada where no one goes hungry. Learn more about how we collaborate with the food bank network in Canada.

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